You are thinking you have found the person with whom you will spend the rest of your lives. You find the best ring you could ever find (if you are the guy) or anticipate what and how your partner proposes to you (if you are a girl).   

Engagement rings Albany NY and all engagement rings out there know that there is a story behind the tradition of giving or receiving engagement rings before the wedding plan occurs.   

As we all know, engagement rings are given by the man to his future wife as he proposes for a marriage. The ring then is seen as the symbol of a union that is yet to happen. But if you dig deeper, there is a long history of how engagement rings began. For instance, the old Egyptians liked to twist some plants and place them around their fingers, and some wealthy individuals use leather or ivory for this purpose.   

Together, we will unravel the history behind engagement rings.  

In the early times of Rome, women were given two rings by their spouses on the marriage day: gold and silver. The gold would be for the public to see as a status symbol, and the silver would be for the everyday use of the wife. This represents the ownership of the husband of the wife as well as his eternal love. This has continued to be the tradition until the early 1400s when Archduke Maximillian presented a ring to Mary of Burgundy as an engagement ring. The ring has become the model for all the engagement rings to come as other royals were influenced to emulate it. As the royals expanded their territories, married, and re-married, the culture and tradition also spread in different parts of Europe.  

Eventually the enlightenment period, love was symbolized by gimmal rings, which were characterized by two to three hoops that are created on the ring when worn together. In the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, the poesy rings have become famous in England for people in love. These rings are made from gold that have inscriptions inside because when they wore the rings, the inscriptions were hidden as if they had some secrets that heightened the romance of the ring.   

It was in the Victorian period that the diamond had started to be mined and diamond rings have started to become popular. Since then, engagement rings have used diamonds.   

In the 20th century in the U.S., diamond rings declined after WW1 because of the difficulty of life. Moreover, after the Great Depression, grand engagement rings that were characterized by diamond rings became less relevant to the population until diamonds and their prices have collapsed in general. And because they became less popular, the younger generations after WW1 became less interested in giving diamonds as engagement rings.   

It was then in 1939 that De beers, a famous diamond company, started advertising that the diamond is forever, a campaign that is still popular up until this day. Just after a year, diamond rings started becoming popular again. This popularity has continued up until this day.